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Nick’s Testimony

My name is Nick. I was born in 1943 and I am the eldest in my family.  As a child I did not have a good relationship with my father.  When my mother was pregnant with me my Father went to the war.  So for the first four years of my life I did not know what it was to have a father. 

He was a prisoner of war and returned home a very angry and resentful man which he took out on me in various ways. We lived on a farm and were very poor. 

I had a tough childhood and felt unwanted and unloved. I felt neglected by both of my parents. When the bombs were being dropped on our village my mother did not stop to protect me. She just left me.  My grandmother hid me under her skirts and said, “If the bombs kill me my body will protect Nick.” 

As a child I was ill and was in hospital for some time and my parents did not visit me for a month.  Dad had to pay a lot of money for me to get better.  I remember hearing my father say, “It would have been better if you had died. It would have been cheaper”. Because of my unhappy childhood I often ran away from home. 

On 18th April 2007 a Sister came to our prayer group to talk on the message which God the Father had given to Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio. She said that before she came she was struggling with giving the talk so she rang the Sisters (“Missionarie Unitas in Christo ad Patrem”) in Anzio, Italy.  This was the order which Mother Eugenia began and asked for their prayers.   The Sisters told her that they would pray for her and would ask Mother Eugenia to accompany her to the prayer group.  Sister said she felt the presence of Mother during her talk.   

As I listened, I was touched so deeply that the tears flowed down my face.  My wife was surprise to see them.  After the meeting I took home the book “Life for the Father Glory” which was about Mother Eugenia and the message she received from God the Father. 

This book has had a profound effect on me.  I had never thought that I could talk to God as my Father. It meant so much to me to learn that He would never forget me, His child.  Before I had only prayed to Jesus and I realized that the world had forgotten to remember God Father, who had created us. 

Every night after work I read a little more of the book and then I tell my wife what beautiful things I have learnt about Our Heavenly Father.  She has said, “When Nick reads the book he comes out just glowing.  He truly has been touched by the Father.”

The Father says, “I love you come to me and ask for anything you want.”  I now know that I have the best of Fathers and that He is present to me all the time.   I love this book so much that I am sharing it with others.  Life here is nothing without the Father and eternal life will be everything with my Heavenly Father.

Anne’s Testimony of coming to love God as a Father
My name is Anne and I was born in 1955. My relationship with my father was very strained due to years of abuse, moral neglect and emotional trauma.  I felt I was on an emotional roller coaster - wanting to have a “normal” father/daughter relationship, but unable to achieve this due to my anger and inability to forgive him for not living up to my expectations and taking care of me. So my relationship with God the Father was virtually non-existent.  I really did not think of Him, as Jesus always seemed to be the religious focus.

Some time ago, I attended an evening where the emphasis was on honouring God the Father.  During the Mass Fr. Ken Barker, (MGL) spoke. His homily on his relationship with his own father sparked something deep inside me.  I suddenly realised that even if my “earthly” father was unable to father me, my Heavenly Father could and He was waiting for me to allow Him into my life.

That evening I listened to the message of God the Father on the C.D. Introduction to the Message of God the Father given to Mother Eugenia Ravasio (C.D no longer available).  The message was very clear.  God the Father is MY FATHER.  Many worship Jesus and seem to forget God the Father’s existence.

The next day, I was prayed over and given healing to forgive my father for all the abuse of prior years. My relationship with my father changed dramatically.  I now saw him as a human being who, in spite of faults, was lovable.  I forgave him and moved on. I no longer put off telephoning him nor wished he would die.  I rang him twice a week and sent him a card each week to try to brighten his day.  I had so much more patience and empathy, I sometimes surprised myself.  I felt that my father sensed the change and no longer complained and put down other family members and the staff at his nursing home,

My relationship with God the Father has grown immensely.  I talk to Him as He is my father.  I now pray to Him as He IS my father.  I now pray to Him each day.  The Our Father prayer has taken on new meaning for me - I pray to God the Father and ask His help in simple things, and I find warmth and comfort in the knowledge of His love for me.    

As time has progressed God the Father has become more and more a part of my everyday life. I talk to him everyday thanking him for all the blessings I have in my life. I had been reluctant to ask him to intervene in problem areas I experience. I have now put this reluctance to ask for help into perspective. I would never have asked my own father for advice or help for fear of ridicule. I look forward to growing in this area in my relationship with God the Father now I have identified the reasons why I do not ask His support.

My relationship with my real father continued to grow. As his physical and mental health declined, I was able to feel compassion and understanding for him, which amazed both my husband and me. I made a point of visiting him every two months in Tasmania and spent many hours with him. I was now able to love him as he is, not as the father I think he should have been. I also became more compassionate towards my other brothers who refuse to visit or contact him. I feel if they had the opportunity to let God the Father into their lives, then healing would take place for them, allowing them peace.

Not long after I had forgiven my father, he lost his memory. In hindsight, I see that God the Father’s timing was just perfect for me to be reconciled with my dad before he completely lost his memory and died.
One of my most treasured possessions is a gift from my sister-in-law: a replica of God the Father’s hand cradling a small infant. When I was struggling with an issue with my real father, I would turn to this replica.  I feel I am the infant cradled in God the Father’s arms and that I am loved unconditionally. This is a great help and comfort to me.

My name is Eileen. I was born in 1926. I live 20 minutes from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I was married, but my husband and I were in a very bad accident in 1974 in which he died and I became disabled. After that, I lost everything - our farm etc. So much happened in my life.  I live alone now. I do have three lovely children and seven grandchildren who help me.

God the Father has always been a part of my life, but only of late have I been thrilled about spreading the love of the Father to others. Not long ago I was sent a book about the message of God the Father given to Mother Eugenia E. Ravasio as well as a C.D. called, An introduction to the Message of God the Father given to Mother Eugenia E. Ravasio (C.D no longer available).

My love of the Father has grown more special now. I love the message and I am very enthusiastic and excited about it. I lend out books and advertise the Father as much as I can although I am disabled and sick.  Great things I feel are going to happen for me. I have never been able to go to a church for the God the Father celebrations in August, but every day I pray many times to the Father.  I have the framed picture of God the Father on my television. I love to close my eyes and meditate on the face of the Father.  Oh, if only everyone would meditate on the love of the Father.

So many things have happen for me that show me God the Father’s love for me…. They are only little things, but they mean so much to me. 

How I would love the whole world to wake up and get moving towards the Father! 
My hope is that soon Mother Eugenia will be canonized a saint, that the message she was given will be spread around the world, and everyone will return the honour and love that is due to our loving Father.

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