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The CD, Honouring God the Father - Celebration August 2011 Homily by Fr. David Tremble MGL The Father’s Arms written and sung by Nihal D’Silva MGL.

In his testimony, Fr. David Tremble MGL shares his journey coming into a deeper relationship with God the Father. He talks of the process of his healing and his relationship with his own father. It's an opportunity for us to reflect on our own struggles and need for healing.

The CD can be obtained for a donation at St. Benedict’s Church on 5th August 2012 or donation of $10 to cover C.D. postage, packaging and  handling when you order from “Friends of God the Father” P.O. Box 72 Burwood 3125 Victoria Australia.
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Send payment to:

“Friends of God the Father”
P.O. Box 72, Burwood, 3125
Victoria, Australia

Donation of $10 to cover C.D, postage, packaging and handling (Australia only)

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